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Our Services

EANSOR Luxury Interiors Inc. provides an array of design services. We customize each and every design project to match our clients preferences. We are unique amongst design firms and provide presentation tools that allow our clients to distinctly understand  and visualize design concepts .


Project Types

Image by Brian Babb

Residential New Builds 

Image by John Tuesday

Lofts & Apartments

Wooden House

Residential Renovations


Income Suite & AirBnB's

Luxurious Bathtub

Single Room Design

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The Process

At EANSOR Luxury Interiors Inc. we have a clear and thorough consultation and design procedure which helps make the interior design process on your project exciting and easy to follow!



Want to inquire about services? Just want to meet the designer? Have a few questions? We start every project with  discovery. This is a short virtual meeting that allows us to connect about your project and provides an introduction to your designer. This service is to make sure our firm is a good fit for your project.



Lets get into the details! Once you have completed your discovery call with our firm, you will need to have a design consultation. This is 2-3hr in person session which  allows us to go into depth about your project wants and needs. After we have developed a scope of work, we provide you with a design fee proposal for our services.



Once you agree to our proposal, we move straight into developing the design. Starting generally with timelines, and soft budgeting we then move on to schematic plans. For most projects we develop more then one floor plan option to make sure we are offering our clients the best design for them. This is also the time when we source and develop all our presentation materials including finishes and fixtures.



We now have developed your design and are ready to present it to you! Generally our presentations are 2-3hr in depth reviews of all the proposed sourced material for each area in the scope of work. This includes presentation of all digital moods boards with corresponding finishes, fixtures and equipment. We always provided all finishes samples to you at our presentations. 



As a part of our customized design fee plan we provide pricing & ordering as and upgrade to your package. Once we complete our presentation phase and develop our sourcing schedules, we can provide a detailed price list of each product in your designed space. In addition to providing quotations we can also order and curate the sourced items directly to your home.  

Our design packages include...

Lets Start!

We start every project with a discovery call. A discovery call is a free chance to connect about your upcoming design project and includes meeting virtually to review the intentions for your interior design project. It also give you a chance to meet the designer you will be working with and allows us to determine project fit. 



Have A Question?

Feel free to connect with us at any time about our services. Connect with us through our contact form on our contact page or click the contact button below

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